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No Man's Sky

Sean Murray praises fan made No Man's Sky short

Hello Games founder Sean Murray took to Twitter to share his appreciation for a fan-made No Man's Sky short.

Sean Murray has shared his appreciation for a No Man's Sky short film created by Matt Silverman of Youtube channel Free Dad Vids starring Greg Miller, Austin Creed and Silverman's daughter Amelia. The short, titled Nomad Squadron, follows Austin Creed as Nomad-4, Greg Miller as Nomad-6, and Amelia as Nomad-1 on an interstellar adventure and takes the viewer for quite the ride.

The short caught the eye of Hello Games founder Sean Murray who tweeted the video out to his followers, calling it "heartbreakingly sweet", before adding "When you make games it's for moments like this".

Have nine minutes and 54 seconds to spare? Check the short Nomad Squadron out here.

No Man's Sky

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