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Sean Bean returns as elusive target in Hitman 2 Miami Pack

The Miami Pack also brings new content to all of the modes in Hitman 2, although Sean Bean takes the spotlight in the longest Elusive Target duration to date.

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IO Interactive has announced the Miami Pack for assassination sandbox game Hitman 2, giving players even more to see and do, including another Elusive Target played by Sean Bean once more.

This pack is available right now and includes extra content for the campaign, co-op Sniper Assassin mode, and the multiplayer Ghost Mode. This grants access to the Elusive Target mission The Undying Returns too, although this is only available from May 3 to June 3, the longest Elusive Target duration to date.

The Miami Pack is part of the Spring Break monthly theme, and by playing the contract you can get the chance to unlock the Flash Grenade Robot. The Blue Flamingo Outfit is also available to unlock too, and more content will be revealed soon in the May Roadmap.

Elsewhere in the Miami Pack we'll also get to see the Hawke's Bay location, Nightcall mission, Miami and The Finish Line mission, Ghost Mode in Miami, Sniper Assassin mode in Himmelstein, and a ton of contracts in Hawke's Bay and Miami.

What bit of the pack are you most excited about?

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