Hitman 2

Sean Bean is arriving in Hitman 2 with an explosive pen

The time-limited event will run for just two weeks.

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Even before the game came out we knew that IO Interactive had recruited Sean Bean to star in the game, not as a main character, but as the first elusive target to appear in the latest entry of the murderous series. These so-called elusive targets are time-limited contracts whereby players have but one chance to take out a target, and once it's done it's done. That being the case, you have from November 20 until December 4 to get stuck in and take down your target.

The first timed mission for Hitman 2 is called The Undying, and as we mentioned before it stars Sean Bean. He's playing a former MI5 agent turned freelance assassin by the name of Mark Faba. Faba has a reputation for faking his own death, not unlike Bean's character in James Bond movie Goldeneye (if you remember, his name was Alec Trevelyan).

Another nod to Bean's earlier role in the Bond series is the exploding pen that's being added to the game. We can certainly imagine a number of you finding creative ways to use it, and we'll be mightily disappointed in you if you don't say something along the lines of "the pen is mightier than the sword" while you walk away from the fatal explosion without looking back.


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