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Sean Astin: Amazon's The Lord of the Rings TV Series "gave me chills"

The TV series starts streaming this September.

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Amazon is currently adding the finishing touches to The Rings of Power, their upcoming TV series based on The Lord of the Rings. One person who has already got a sneak peak is Sean Astin, who played Samwise Gamgee.

And judging by his reactions, this won't make the fans disappointed. Speaking during Calgary Expo 2022 (via IGN, he said:

"I saw the preview for it, and it gave me chills. It looked like they got it. I've been saying the whole time - they're gonna do it right. There's no way Amazon is gonna pay almost a billion dollars for a franchise just to screw it up."

The Rings of Power starts streaming on Amazon Prime Video on September 2. It has already been called the most expensive TV series of all time, with Amazon paying $250 million just to get the rights to do the show, with a budget of $465 million for the eight episodes during the first season.

Are you planning on watching this one?

Sean Astin: Amazon's The Lord of the Rings TV Series "gave me chills"

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