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Sea of Thieves

Sea of Thieves will release on Steam

Developer Rare's vast, beautiful pirate adventure Sea of Thieves will sail all the way to Steam soon.

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Microsoft has announced that it is time to welcome a new group of scurvy pirates to Sea of Thieves - the Steam users. This was revealed over at Xbox Wire, where Microsoft also added that ten million players have been sailing Rare's digital seas in search of valuable loot and most importantly - glory - since its release.

Steam users will also be able to play with (and against) those who play on Windows 10 and Xbox One, so don't expect there to be a shortage of other less trusty seafarers online. Unfortunately, there's no exact date for the release but rather a release window that Microsoft spells out as "soon", but at least now we know it's coming. If you want to find out what has happened with the game since the release, Microsoft has you covered with an article called '38 Things Added to Sea of Thieves Since Launch You Have to Try'.

Sea of Thieves

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