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      Sea of Thieves

      Sea of Thieves to get the Monopoly treatment

      Pre-orders for the board game adaptation are now open.

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      We think that is some sort of universal law that dictates that when a pop cultural brand reaches a certain amount of popularity - it will be released as a Monopoly Game. And Sea of Thieves reached over 15 million players last years and has continued to grow ever since, and we wouldn't be too surprised if it reaches 20 million sooner rather than later with Season One starting last week.

      And this seems to be enough. Now Rare has added a new item to the Rare Store page, and as you surely have figured out... it is Sea of Thieves X Monopoly. It even includes something for the main game, an in-game pet; the Gold Curse Macaw. This board game will only be sold through Rare's site, so if you wish to play a colorful pirate-themed version of this classic (which in all fairness has been released previously as well with a Pirates of the Caribbean theme), then head over to the link above and place your pre-order.

      Sea of Thieves
      Sea of Thieves

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