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Sea of Thieves

Sea of Thieves to get a second official novel

It's coming from Rare veteran Chris Allcock.

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Six months after the release of Sea of Thieves back in 2018, an official novel was released, by writer Chris Allcock. He is a Rare veteran who has been with the company for almost two decades, being involved in games like Kameo: Elements of Power and of course Sea of Thieves.

The novel was called Athena's Fortune, an unlike most books based on video games, it actually got some really good reviews. Now the Sea of Thieves account on Twitter has revealed that a second novel is coming from Allock, this time with a story about the evil pirate Captain Flameheart. We also get both a title, Heart of Fire, as well as the cover art:

"Introducing the second official Sea of Thieves novel, Heart of Fire! Like Athena's Fortune before it, this tale will delve into a previously unknown period of Sea of Thieves history, exploring the rise and fall of the villainous Captain Flameheart. More details coming soon..."

What do you think of books based on video games in general, and will you read Heart of Fire?

Sea of Thieves

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