Sea of Thieves

Sea of Thieves soundtrack to be launched on vinyl

Deliveries are planned for Q3 2021.

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One of the best things with Sea of Thieves is the wonderful soundtrack composed by Robin Beanland (Jet Force Gemini, original Killer Instinct, Conker's Bad Fur Day), which really puts you in the mood for pirate fun. Now this brilliant soundtrack is about to be properly acknowledged with a pretty cool vinyl release.

We can look forward to 125 minutes of Sea of Thieves music delivered in a three-LP collection printed on "Tropical Island Colored Vinyl". There's also a 24-page storybook included in the hardcover book jacket, in which "Merry" Merrick tells his epic tales from the seafaring life as well as shanty lyrics. And as a cool and very fitting bonus "the center labels on each disc include innovative pop-up papercraft art, which lends a three-dimensional effect in the form of tiny ships, dancing people, and other whimsical Sea of Thieves references"

To pre-order this goodie, just head over to iam8bit.com. It is priced $99.99 with a planned delivery Q3.

Sea of Thieves

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