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Sea of Thieves

Sea of Thieves: Season Four gets a sneak preview

The new season is set to launch on September 23.

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During the summer, Sea of Thieves got it biggest update yet with the absolutely massive A Pirate's Life, which is a collaboration with Pirates of the Caribbean. But not it's almost time for Season Four to begin and Rare has just released the very first teaser of things to come.

And judging by the short video, it's time to explore what's under the sea (as Sebastian the crab would put it) and there also seems to be new potions, although we have no clue what effects they offer. There were new gameplay mechanics included in A Pirate's Life, which made it possible to get air underwater. A reasonable guess is that this is something Rare wants to explore further.

Sea of Thieves: Season Four launches on September 23, and it's, as usual, free to both download and play.

Sea of Thieves

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