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Sea of Thieves

Sea of Thieves "one of top-performing titles in Game Pass"

Xbox GM of Marketing Aaron Greenberg reflected on the ability for the service to grow a game's audience.

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We've caught up with Xbox General Manager of Marketing Aaron Greenberg many a time before, but with Xbox Game Pass growing as a service on PC and Xbox, we talked to him at Gamescom about the appeal of the service, and how it's affected games and their audiences.

"It's been incredible to see the reaction," he said. "Talking to both development partners and the customers, we realised there was an opportunity to create an audience, create a great value with gaming and help people discover their next favourite game."

"What's really fun for me is talking to our development partners and seeing the success they're having, because we have a lot of people that are making games that in some cases would struggle to reach an audience, but overnight they could have millions of people playing their game because it becomes the latest new release or shows up essentially in their queue in Game Pass."

"Sea of Thieves has been one of our top-performing titles in Game Pass. It was one of our first titles that we launched day one into the service, and you're right, it's built a huge community both on the PC and console, and I think Game Pass has been a big part of that."

Did you discover Sea of Thieves from Game Pass?

Sea of Thieves

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