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      Sea of Thieves

      Sea of Thieves is launching a real-life Treasure Hunt

      The first place pirate will receive a Gold Hoarder Skull.

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      Sea of Thieves is launching a real life treasure hunt, which will begin on Thursday 11th May.

      Announced via their website, The Hoarder's Hunt is the second ARG mystery the team have put out, they say it "pulls together the best of what we learned from Who Killed DeMarco? (their first ARG mystery) while also paying homage to famous Easter eggs and treasure hunts that came before."

      Through a combination of real world puzzles and in game tasks, players will be racing to the the first to unravel the four stage mystery and claim the prize - a replica Gold Hoarder Skull.

      Scattered around the internet, a series of keywords will unlock voyages for the four stages of the hunt: Skin of Gold; A Feathered Fortune; Portrait of Plunder, and The Crowning Glory - which can be claimed from Larinna in-game.

      Successful pirates will then compete in a final in-game race to obtain a golden key that will allow them to claim the main prize.

      The singular winner's loyal crew will be rewarded with golden keys, with ten runners up receiving silver keys and 100 third place spots in the competition receiving a Reaper's Mark medallion.

      Any player ineligible to compete for real-life rewards can obtain in-game rewards and collect Bullion Crowns, which can be sold to Gold Hoarders for a large sum.

      Players will need to be opt-in to be eligible to compete for the real world prizes of The Hoarder's Hunt, with more details to follow via the mystery's dedicated website when the first clue is released.

      Sea of Thieves

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