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Sea of Thieves

Sea of Thieves is getting a raft of combat changes soon

With the next update to Rare's Sea of Thieves comes fixes to combat as well as a wave of bans coming down on all the cheaters out there on the seven seas.

Sea of Thieves is ever-evolving and as executive producer Joe Neate sat down with fans in the Developer Update you can see below, we got some details on what's coming to the game. In the video, Neate starts off by praising the team, the sales/stream/active user metrics as well as the fans, mentioning that the start of the year has been incredible in every respect.

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Following this, he spoke briefly about what's to come for the adventure across the seven seas. First off there are fixes and balancing coming, this time focused on weapons and their handling this time around. The main issues and weapons being looked at are the double gun problem, weapon reloads, swordplay, bullet speed, damage, knockback and hip fire, with each of these getting tweaked in the coming update. To fair players, however, the best news of all was probably the fact that Rare is hitting cheaters with a ban wave in the future.

The update will go live on February 6 and will, once again, have players reinstall the game, however, it will be smaller in size this time around.

Do you explore the seven seas in Sea of Thieves and, if so, are you looking forward to the proposed changes being implemented?

Sea of Thieves