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Sea of Thieves

Sea of Thieves has received a Borderlands crossover

It's bringing a new ship that is available via a limited-time event.

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Sea of Thieves absolutely crushed it earlier this year with the launch of its A Pirate's Life expansion that brought Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean to the game. That release actually led Sea of Thieves to its largest player spike ever since it launched, and Rare is building on that success with another crossover, this time with Borderlands.

Granted, this won't be as big of a crossover as the Pirates of the Caribbean one, it'll simply be a free to access limited-time event where players have to complete a range of objectives to earn a ship with the Borderlands red and yellow Mayhem theme.

As for when this will be in Sea of Thieves, it's actually available to start working on right now, and will be around until September 7, so two weeks from today.

Be sure to check it out in-game and also take a look at the trailer of the collaboration below.

Sea of Thieves

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