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Sea of Thieves has 2019 summed up in numbers

Rare's pirate-themed online adventure has had a strong second year with plenty of updates.

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Sea of Thieves launched fairly bareboned, which it rightfully got criticism for. But ever since then, Rare has built upon those bones, and today, almost two years after it was originally released, it is a fleshed-out adventure with extra everything. What's more, 2019 was the best year yet for the game, mainly thanks to the massive Anniversary update that was released in April.

Now, Rare has launched a 'year in review' homepage where you both get to see how well you have been doing in the game (we seemed to favour Order of Souls and visited almost 40 islands), as well as what the community has been up to.

Thanks to this, we now know that people have earned 216 billion gold during 81,121,937 voyages over the digital seven seas. However, being a pirate is dangerous, and no less than 1,698,383 ships caught fire, and the was also 44,516,452 Skeleton ship encounters (not to mention 25,157,099 Megalodons).

Apparently, we gamers loved the addition of pets to the game, and the most popular one is Skeleton Cockatoo, so don't get that one if you want to be an original pirate. Head over and check your own stats and feel free to share them with us below.

Sea of Thieves is free with Xbox Game Pass for both PC and Xbox One, and if you haven't started your career yet, then perhaps 2020 should be the year.

Sea of Thieves

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