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Sea of Thieves

Sea of Thieves gets fireworks, cannon rowboats and more

Season 5 starts in a few days.

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Last month it was revealed that Sea of Thieves has continued to find new digital pirate wannabees and has now reached over 25 million players. And we have to say the game deserves it, not only is it really good fun, but has been treated exceptionally well by the British developer Rare with first class support.

And now it's time for more love. Season Five starts on December 2 and we have got a brand new trailer of things to come. As it's New Years Eve a month from now, we are fittingly enough getting fireworks, using your cannons. A great way of spreading joy (and be seen by others, we assume). You will also be able to rest in various chairs while getting your life back, instead of only eating to do so.

Another new, and more important, feature is that you can now bury your own chests, Perhaps a great way to avoid getting robbed by others. You'll also get a map of where you did hide it and can give it to others to find via the new Quest Boards. If they succeed and sell the treasure, you'll also get rewarded. A fun way of creating tough challenges for your friends.

There are also tons of other things being added like cannons for rowboats, which sounds like infinite amounts of madness, and plenty of new cosmetics for both pirates and ships. Oh, and we're also getting new songs to play (preferably while drunk, as usual).

Check out all of this an more below in the Sea of Thieves: Season Five trailer.

Sea of Thieves

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