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      Sea of Thieves

      Sea of Thieves celebrates new Steam milestone with free emote

      The emote will be available until December 29th.

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      Sea of Thieves has just kept on growing ever since it was released back in early 2018. We recently reported that it had passed 25 million salty scoundrels and since then - it seems like it has kept growing even further.

      The official Twitter account for the game now reveals that more than five million digital Steam pirates has bought the game, and this will be celebrated with a free emote:

      "We're celebrating more than five million scoundrels splashing out for Sea of Thieves on Steam! To mark this milestone, anyone who plays SoT between Dec 22nd 2pm and Dec 29th 11:59pm GMT gets the All Together Now! Emote for free. Cheers!"

      Head over to the official homepage for a longer letter and more information on this pretty impressive result. Don't forget Season Five of Sea of Thieves just started, head over this way to read more about what it has to offer.

      Are you playing Sea of Thieves on console or PC?

      Sea of Thieves

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