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Sea of Stars

Sea of Stars will launch on PlayStation Plus - play the demo now

The highly anticipated spiritual successor to Chrono Trigger made by the The Messenger developers will be "free" for Extra and Premium members.

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Take the The Messenger developers over at Sabotage Studio and make them announce a Chrono Trigger-inspired prequel, and it's very understandable that Sea of Stars obliterated its Kickstarter goal. We were told the game would be ready to launch on the 29th of August five months ago, but the Canadians have even better news for PlayStation 4 and 5 owners.

Because they've announced that Sea of Stars will be available for "free" as part of PlayStation Plus Extra and PlayStation Plus Premium when it releases on the 29th of August. The fun doesn't stop there, however, as the demo Nintendo Switch and PC players have been enjoying for a while now has also made its way to the PS Store, giving you the opportunity to test a part of this very promising game.

Sea of Stars

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