Legend of Grimrock II

Screens and info on Legend of Grimrock II

Almost Human's sequel is shaping up.

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Almost Human have released a number of new images on Legend of Grimrock II along with some new information about the highly anticipated sequel:

"The events of Legend of Grimrock 2 will happen on the Isle of Nex, a secluded island faraway from civilization. An island is a perfect place to setup an unforgettable dungeon crawling experience because we can mix indoor and outdoor locations seamlessly while still maintaining that atmosphere of mystery and danger, and the density of interesting things that is at the heart of Grimrock."

Other features include smarter monsters, an expanded item system, spellcasting and potion mixing systems have been streamlined. The game also includes new spells, a new character race and a new class.

There is also an officially licensed fan made series that is being funded through Kickstarter - if you're dying for more Grimrock.

Legend of Grimrock II
Legend of Grimrock II
Legend of Grimrock II
Legend of Grimrock II

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