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Screen Time - November 2021

Take a look at what we think are the biggest and most exciting movies releasing over the next month.

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With the spooky season now over, it's time we start looking ahead to the Holidays. But, before we get to that, we have the entirety of November to look forward to, and this year, it's packed with a range of exciting blockbuster movies, from the latest Marvel flick, to a few highly anticipated dramas. But before we get to those, a bit of housekeeping.

We've based our picks on a UK release calendar, so be sure to check your local cinema for accurate listings. Now that's out of the way, here are what we believe are the most exciting movies premiering in the month of November.

Eternals - November 5

The Marvel Cinematic Universe entered its fourth phase earlier this year when Black Widow was released. Since then, we've only received one more major motion picture, in Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, although that's all set to change soon when Eternals lands. Featuring a stacked cast of new characters, this movie follows a group of immortal beings who have shaped humanity and civilization. Described as a film of cosmic proportions, we can expect more of that Marvel magic, as heroes undertake massive tasks to protect those in need.

Screen Time - November 2021

Finch - November 5 [Apple TV+]

Apple is once again teaming up with Tom Hanks in a few weeks to bring Finch exclusively to Apple TV+ subscribers. This movie is set in a post apocalyptic world, and follows a robot that has been created by Hanks' character Finch to protect the life of his beloved dog. Slated to be a story about life, love, and friendship, this movie is looking to be one for the drama and sci-fi fans out there.

Red Notice - November 12 [Netflix]

We know that Netflix doesn't slack when it comes to making movies, but Red Notice is the pinnacle of that mentality. Set to cost the streamer a record $200 million to make, this action thriller stars Dwayne Johnson and Ryan Reynolds as Interpol agents tasked with bringing in the world's most wanted art thief, played by none other than Gal Gadot. With plenty of comedy and chaos planned, this is shaping up to be Netflix's biggest film of the year.


Ghostbusters: Afterlife - November 19

Ghostbusters is without a shadow of a doubt one of the most exciting and beloved franchises of all-time, but the 2016 reboot left a lot to be desired. In a few weeks, we're getting another instalment into the series, this time framed around a younger cast including Finn Wolfhard, with Paul Rudd also joining as a headlining star. Set in a rural American town, Ghostbusters: Afterlife sees this cast discovering their connection to the original Ghostbusters, as strange and otherworldly situations begin to occur.

Encanto - November 24

Coming from Walt Disney Animation Studios, Encanto is an upbeat family animation that revolves around the young Colombian girl, Mirabel who is struggling with being the only member of her family without magical abilities. With Stephanie Beatriz headlining, and Lin-Manuel Miranda credited for music and lyrics, this vibrant flick is coming exclusively to theatres first, before landing on Disney+'s Premier Access service on Christmas Eve.

Screen Time - November 2021

House of Gucci - November 26

Whether or not you own a product from the luxury brand, Gucci, you've probably heard of it. But, how did this Italian fashion powerhouse rise to fame? That very story is what House of Gucci aims to tell. Featuring a stacked cast including the likes of Adam Driver, Jeremy Irons, Al Pacino, Jared Leto, and Lady Gaga, this tale explores betrayal, murder, revenge, and love, all over several decades as it shows just how far a family can go in its bid for control.

And with that said and done, we've come to the end of another episode of Screen Time. Be sure to join us next month as we look to see what the movie industry is delivering to wrap up 2021.

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