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Scorn launches a full week earlier than planned

Ebb Software's horror game is coming on October 14 instead now.

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We've suffered countless game delays in recent years, and one of them that's been pushed back in batches is the nightmarish Scorn, which was originally scheduled to be released around the launch of the Xbox Series S/X.

This summer it was finally confirmed that it would arrive on October 21, but since the game has gone gold already, Ebb Software apparently felt they might as well let customers try it earlier. That way, they also avoid other heavy launches like Gotham Knights and New Tales from the Borderlands, both coming on October 21, along with Persona 5 Royal debuting on multiple formats. On top of that, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II arrives on October 28, which is likely to take a lot of attention.

The new date for Scorn is therefore October 14. That's when it will be released for both PC and Xbox Series S/X, and it's also included with Game Pass from day one.


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Repulsive, confusing, and nauseatingly brown, Scorn is nonetheless a well-realised and atmospheric horror adventure.

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