Scorn is 6-8 hours long and "not a first person shooter"

But, "it is an immersive atmospheric horror experience."

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Even though Scorn was announced over two years ago and has been shown several times, there is still a whole lot we don't know about this mysterious horror adventure, which launches next month. But now we've got a whole lot of more information as the developer Ebb Software has been participating in a Reddit AMA.

Amongst other things, they reveal that the adventure is "somewhere between six to eight hours, but it can take much more if you explore the world and all the details it contains". Ebb Studio also finally explains what Scorn really is; a puzzle game with a nightmarish theme:

"Scorn is not a first person shooter, it is an immersive atmospheric horror experience. To emphasize this, puzzles within the game form an integral part of the story, and are designed not to feel like they were added as an afterthought. They enrich the player experience, and as the game progresses, it becomes apparent that everything seems to have a reason and a purpose... and the big mystery is uncovering what that is.

Yet there are shooting elements that come into play later in the game and are crucial for players' survival."

We even got a very definitive response to the question on whether there would be another delay of the game, to which the developers said; "not even the slightest possibility".

Scorn launches for PC and Xbox Series S/X on October 21. It will also be added to Game Pass that very same day. Earlier this week, we got an eight minute video of the Scorn prologue, which you can check out below to experience the atmosphere of this terrifying adventure.


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Repulsive, confusing, and nauseatingly brown, Scorn is nonetheless a well-realised and atmospheric horror adventure.

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