Sci-fi series The Expanse gets a third season on Netflix

It'll be coming to the SyFy channel first though.

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The Expanse is a TV series based on the novels of James S.A. Corey, and it turns out that the series will continue on its third season, which will start in the US on April 11 on the SyFy channel, while in other parts of the world the distribution is handled by Netflix

Unfortunately right now there's no info on when the third season will land on Netflix, but we would assume it'll come a while after it has ended on SyFy, which would mean some time during this autumn.

As a reminder, The Expanse is set to a few hundred years in the future, where mankind is widely living all around the solar system. As you might expect, the game of politics is a hot topic here, and this time it's the UN, Mars, and a handful of alliances in the asteroid field that are taking part in this struggle for power. When an extra-terrestrial molecule is found, it leads to a series of betrayals, and may result in a war on a planetary scale.

The cast features Thomas Jane (Deep Blue Sea) and Steven Strait (The Covenant), but the third season gets reinforcements from David Strathairn (Good Night, and Good Luck) and Elizabeth Mitchell (TV series Lost).

Are you glad to see the series return?

Sci-fi series The Expanse gets a third season on Netflix

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