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Sci-fi RTS XO lands on the Square Enix Collective

Striking title seeking support ahead of crowdfunding campaign.

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A new sci-fi RTS by Jumpdrive Studios has just joined up to the Square Enix Collective, and if it gathers enough support it'll get backed by the publisher and supported through crowdfunding.

The game focuses on fleet tactics, and has a concept that reminds us of Battlestar Galactica (it's one of the main inspirations, along with FTL: Faster Than Light), with players jumping between points, rescuing ships and gathering resources, and, of course, engaging in space battles.

"We wanted to pitch XO to the Collective early in development and see how the community felt about our game so far," said Corey Warning of Jumpdrive. "We're planning a crowdfunding campaign later this year, and this platform provides us with a unique opportunity to find our supporters and start a conversation."

Head this way to see more of the game (which has a really interesting visual style as you can see from the attached image), or check out the trailer below.


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