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Robo Instructus

Sci-fi programming game Robo Instructus has landed

A new trailer shows how the game teaches coding, and a free demo is even available on and Steam.

Big AB Games' puzzle title Robo Instructus has just launched on Steam and, but this isn't any standard puzzle game, as this actually works to teach programming as well, as showcased in the new trailer which also shows off the visuals and the atmospheric sci-fi narrative.

A free demo is available on both Steam and too, letting players get a taste of the coding experience. In the full thing players will learn new programming commands as they guide a salvage robot around an alien world, using an in-game scripting language based on programming languages that exist in the real world.

Solo developer Alex Butler said: "Each puzzle in Robo Instructus asks you to not only get your robot somewhere, but to properly articulate every step in how it gets there. Succeed and you can embrace a sort of narrative archaeology as you uncover the game's secrets."

"I've been developing Robo Instructus for two years, the last three months in a beta phase where the game has been polished and improved thanks to the feedback of around 3,000 beta players. So now I'm very excited to see Robo Instructus releasing, and I look forward to the game finding its audience out in the PC gaming wilds."

Do you like this idea of using programming in a game like this?

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