School of Rock's director would be up for returning for a sequel

Assuming there's a good idea and reason for another movie in the franchise.

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The current era of Hollywood seems to be defined by superheroes, video game adaptations, and long-awaited sequels or reboots. Today's news fits into the latter category, as Richard Linklater, known for a multitude of roles and directorial efforts including School of Rock, has announced that he would be up for returning to helm a sequel to that beloved comedy flick.

Speaking with UniLad, Linklater revealed that he'd be interested in tackling such a project but that there'd need to be a very good reason for doing a sequel in the first place.

"Sure, it has been a long time. There was talk of it years ago but I'd love to work with Jack again. But there's got to be a reason. There's got to be something.

"Don't do it unless there's an idea, the reason we did two Before's is there was a good idea screaming out, there's something to express about this."

Linklater went on further to explain why this would need to be the case, and pointed to the time since the original film meaning that there's no room now for a "victory lap sequel".

"There's another type of sequel I usually call the 'victory lap sequel'. They're usually out pretty quick, they're economic, and everyone knows it.

"We're way beyond that, so why would you do it unless there's something specific to tell.

"There's always a good idea to be had."

The original School of Rock was written by Mike White, who has since become very popular with HBO thanks to his The White Lotus series, which no doubt is a defining factor in whether a sequel to School of Rock will ever receive the time to be written.

School of Rock's director would be up for returning for a sequel

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