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School in Florida organises "violent video game toss"

A call to "help parents raise their children in the media era".

A news report from Miami's WSVN News reveals that students at The Cushman School participated in something called a "Violent Video Game Toss" where students have taken their various violent video games from home to toss into a cardboard box, presumably next heading to a landfill, in a reaction to the recent major school shooting in Parkland, Florida.

The US President Donald Trump also pointed the finger at video games recently, and perhaps this is a more reasonable move than having parents come in and toss their guns instead. Regardless of what you feel about the move, it is, of course, important that parents monitor and regulate the media consumption of children and given the age of some of the kids tossing the likes of Battlefield 4 and Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare (we're not at all sure what WWE 2K16 did in there, but perhaps someone was just sick and tired of it) that's perhaps not an entirely bad thing.

The Cushman school is a private school with students from pre-kindergarten age and up until 8th grade. Perhaps its most famous alumni is Enrique Iglesias.

Do you think throwing away violent video games (seemingly ones you've already played for a few years) is a reasonable reaction to the many school shootings in America?

School in Florida organises "violent video game toss"
Battlefield 4 got tossed, four and a half years after its release.

Thanks, Gamerant.

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