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Schalke 04 starts its first scouting day

All this week you can watch their recruitment process live.

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Today Schalke 04, known for being a German football team above all else, will start its first ever scouting day for League of Legends players. These will involve talents trying out for an official pre-season place in the pro esports roster for the team.

Hundreds of players have already applied and Schalke 04 has reviewed them and invited those most promising talents to come and show what they've got. By the end of the week they will narrow this down to five players who will represent the team on the international stage. The Geforce Cup in Poland beckons for the winners as well.

These scouting days also mark the first time that fans will be able to see the creation of the team, via a daily live broadcast on YouTube, Facebook and Twitch, running from 1pm to 4pm BST each day. Schalke 04 promises this will offer an insight into the professional esports training and scouting processes

Head of Schalke 04's esports Tim Reichert had this to say: "Thanks to the unique scouting approach we have chosen this time, we are thrilled about next week. Our focus will be on the players who show the biggest potential and progress throughout the event. On top of that, we are really excited about making it possible for the fans to take part and watch live, as well as enabling the online audience to get an impression of professional esports training."

Both rookies and famous faces like P1noy and Tabzz will be in attendance. Do you think Schalke 04's scouting days signal a serious commitment to esports?

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