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Scavengers shows off first gameplay footage at E3

The new shooter looks like it will require some co-operation whilst remaining competitive.

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Midwinter Entertainment has shown off a fresh look of their upcoming game, Scavengers, with a new gameplay trailer dropping at E3 2019. This class-based multiplayer shooter is set to launch initially on PC in 2020, and it's built around 'co-opetition'.

This new way to play looks to blend working together and competing against each other in interesting ways. Players must be aware of enemy AI encounters and hazardous environments whilst at times, engaging in competitive PvP battles.

This new title certainly has some credibility behind it. The CEO of Midwinter Entertainment and creative director on Scavengers, Josh Holmes, just got done working on a couple of Halo games, which certainly isn't a bad resume.

The ex-343 Industries man was studio head of the Halo team during the development of Halo 5: Guardians. Holmes said, "The whole of Midwinter is thrilled to share Scavengers' gameplay for the first time, Over the past year and a half we've been building a unique gameplay experience that we've come to describe as 'co-opetition'."

Scavengers is currently holding closed beta tests on PC to garner player feedback and help develop the game. The team are excited to move into the next stage of community testing, which you can sign up for via the game's official website.

The initial look at E3 isn't all that's on offer if Scavengers is of interest. Discussion panels about the team and their upcoming title will be taking place throughout the week, and we'll be talking to Josh Holmes in a couple of days, so stay tuned for that too.


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