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Scarlet Witch enters Fortnite due to Dr. Strange 2 release

Epic Games leaks a Wanda Maximoff (Scarlet Witch) skin, which launch is probably coming to celebrate the new MCU release.

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Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness is coming to theatres this Friday, May 6, and Epic Games wants to celebrate it on its favourite battle royale. Fortnite is receiving a Scarlet Witch Skin (Wanda Maximoff) as Epic Games itself has shown in some images that came out prematurely.

The Scarlet Witch skin was leaked through the Creative Mode. In an update explaining some news and upgrades of this modality, Epic shared some images where the character could be seen, only on her back. They acted quickly and removed them, but the internet is relentless as the Twitter user iFireMonkey has proved, as he was the one who saved and shared those screenshots showing the character.

Hopefully we'll have a formal announcement in no time. The film releases this week and the game will probably give us an event combining the already available Dr. Strange skin with Wanda's. Also, the error seems to be a confusion related with time-zones and schedules rather than something deliberate.


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