Scarlet Nexus

Scarlet Nexus lets us choose between two protagonists

You can experience the story with Yuito Sumirage or Kasane Randall.

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Scarlet Nexus was a big topic at this year's Tokyo Game Show. Game Director Kenji Anabuki and Game Producer Keita Iizuka showed up on the online stage to demonstrate new gameplay snippets while giving the viewers a rough idea of their "Brainpunk" RPG. In one clip we see some supporting characters in action, another one points towards the title song "Dream In Drive" by the Japanese music group The Oral Cigarettes.

The most exciting information, however, is that we don't have to play Scarlet Nexus from the point of Yuito Sumirage, who has been introduced to us as the main character of the game up until this point. At the beginning of the game Bandai Namco is giving us the choice whether we want to experience the action with him or as Kasane Randall. This mysterious young woman has already been featured prominently in the previous trailers. Although we currently lack more detailed information, the story of Scarlet Nexus seems to change at least slightly depending on our choice.

Scarlet Nexus

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