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Say No More

Say No More

Say No! More is the world's first self-declared NPG (NO!-Playing Game). It's a silly game but one with a serious message.

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The game starts out in a seemingly magical setting where you must defeat a wizard. Shortly after getting your butt kicked, it becomes clear you are in a game within the game: your character was merely playing a mobile game. That sets the tone for the silliness about to ensue. Now the game really starts: you begin your first day as a new intern in a big company!

It soon becomes clear this company does not appreciate individual thinking, or worse, boundaries. Your value as a person is defined only by your professional experience. In a world where saying "no" is banished, you become painfully aware how other people easily take advantage of you: in fact, only the "yes"-puppets get promoted. After being bullied by co-workers and having your supervisor stealing your lunch, you stumble upon a self-help cassette tape titled "Say NO! More." Playing the cassette opens up a training session with your personal coach who teaches you to say NO, and the importance of saying NO!

As the game progresses, you will find more cassettes that will power up your NOs and thus your boundaries. For example, you can learn a heated NO, a cold NO, or even a charged-up NO! You can learn different ways of throwing your annoying colleagues off, such as being sarcastic or laughing at them. You'll find your new-found boundaries constantly tested, throwing your NO's from pompous colleagues to snarky supervisors. By facing your bullies, you inspire some of the other employees to do the same. Eventually you must face the end boss, which in this game comes in the shape of an arrogant and abusive team of superiors and CEOs. However, your biggest challenge at the end of the game may not be what you expect (no, we will not spoil it).

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Say NO! More is basically living out the fantasy of everyone who has ever felt forced to let down their boundaries in a company setting. Finally, now is your chance to say, shout, or power up a heartfelt NO in the face of every horrible co-worker you've ever encountered in an office.

Say No More

The controls of the game are very easy: you learn four different ways of saying no, and these are treated like a superpower within the game. We assumed that we would have to combine these four elaborate ways of saying no later on in the game, but surprisingly, that never happened. We can only assume this was an intentional choice to prevent this from becoming a puzzle game, and perhaps partially to send the message that you shouldn't have to overcomplicate your 'no' to set a boundary.

Are the visuals boring? No! The game is wrapped up in a late 90s video game style, complete with chunky and colourful visuals. There is an abundance of options available to customise your character; hair styles, clothing, facial hair, skin tone, etc. Instead of choosing a gender, you choose what you want your voice to sound like and in which language you prefer to say no. Is the music uninspired? No! The music sounds like a snazzy mixtape, which fits the game and its setting perfectly. The voice-acting and variety of characters within the company are a treat, as well as hearing your own character growing from a shy "ehhh" mumbler to confident nay-sayer.

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Is the game slow? No! The game is fast-paced, which is great because it delivers the message without dragging or overcomplicating anything. The message of setting boundaries is wrapped up in a quirky, one-of-a-kind game that is short but fun. Does this game have a lot of replay-value? No, but we still highly recommend it: it's a highly enjoyable game, a goofy and unique experience with a fantastic message that will speak to everyone. Should you skip this game? No!

Say No MoreSay No More
Say No More
08 Gamereactor UK
8 / 10
Funny dialogue. Funky art style. Enjoyable voice-acting. Quirky gameplay. Snazzy soundtrack. Fantastic message.
Some players might find it too short.
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Say No! More is the world's first self-declared NPG (NO!-Playing Game). It's a silly game but one with a serious message.

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