Samurai Shodown

Samurai Showdown is coming to Xbox Series later this year

The weapon-based brawler, we expect, will be enhanced for the new hardware.

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The gorgeous weapon-based brawler Samurai Shodown will be arriving to the Xbox Series later this year, it was revealed within a short teaser. The teaser, which can be viewed above, didn't reveal any more details so we can only speculate as to what improvements it may have, and whether it will include the subsequently released DLC content.

Samurai Shodown Producer, Yasuyuki Oda, said, "The Xbox Series X|S is Microsoft's most innovative and cutting-edge next-gen console which is ramping up to hit the market soon, and I couldn't be more excited to be a part of its massive presence in the gaming community."

Samurai Shodown was one of our favorite fighters to hit the last generation of consoles, so we are pleased that we will be getting our bloodthirst satisfied on the new hardware. You can read our full review for the title here.

Samurai Shodown

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