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Samsung TV's are getting an Xbox app for gaming without a console

It'll launch on June 30 and will simply require users to login with their Microsoft account to use it.

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When Microsoft launched Xbox Game Pass, they explicitly said that they wanted to expand their gaming efforts way beyond the console audiences, and said there are potentially billions of gamers in the world.

One way to reach gamers that don't have an Xbox is PC, and another is the Cloud, in which Microsoft has invested a lot during the last few years. Today, it is possible to play most Xbox Game Pass titles on Android, iOS, older laptops, Xbox One and so on thanks to the streaming tech.

Now another huge step has been taken to increase the number of Xbox Game Pass users, as Microsoft reveals via Xbox Wire that they have launched a collaboration with Samsung. Starting June 30, all new Samsung TV will get an Xbox app included. All you have to do, is "Access the Xbox app from the Samsung Gaming Hub and log into your existing Microsoft account" and start gaming.

While Fortnite is free to play, other games requires an Xbox Game Pass subscription. It is also recommended you to use a regular Xbox Series S/X controller in Bluetooth mode to get all the prompts right (although most Bluetooth controllers works, including the one from PlayStation 5).

Samsung TV's are getting an Xbox app for gaming without a console

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