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Samsung SSDs are failing for unknown reasons

The high-end Samsung 990 Pro is losing drive health at a rapid rate.

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Samsung 990 Pro owners are complaining online following the discovery that the highly powerful SSDs are experiencing some serious hardware issues that can see some lose up to 10% of their performance just days after installation.

As reported on by Neowin, many capacities for the drives are being affected, with drastic drops in drive health. There isn't a reasoning for this at the time of writing, which has only concerned users more.

Wear and tear is expected on SSDs, especially when they undergo heavy usage, but this kind of degradation is definitely not what you'd expect, especially with a new and powerful SSD like the Samsung 990 Pro.

Samsung has yet to comment on the problem, but we can't imagine it'll be long before there's some sort of acknowledgement.

Samsung SSDs are failing for unknown reasons

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