Samsung shows off new features for its Ballie robot

Ballie can now act as a projector, perfect for when you're staring at the floor but you wish it was more interesting.

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Samsung first showed off its Ballie robot at CES 2020, where it couldn't do much more than roll around on stage. Now, in a new charming video, we can see some significant upgrades for the spherical bot.

Ballie now acts as a projector, and as shown in the video he can turn pretty much any surface into a home cinema. But apart from distracting your dog with a random video of a bird on the floor, Ballie is meant to be a useful home assistant.


When linked to other smart devices, he can turn on the lights, feed your dog through a food dispenser, and text you to tell you what it's up to. Ballie can also follow you around, giving you a warm greeting when you come home.

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Samsung shows off new features for its Ballie robot

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