Samsung producing thin bezel 4K OLED panels for laptops

This will start soon and a prototype has been shown, so might it lead the way for more companies to do the same?

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15.5 inch 4K OLED panels will soon be making their way to laptops, or at least Samsung models, as production of the full HDR display with DCI-P3 colours and up to 600 NITS peak brightness is to begin next month, according to HotHardware.

Samsung claims it's the "worlds first" to produce the panel for laptops, and has already been able to show off a prototype. We're expecting a lot of high-end office laptops to offer the 4K OLED panel as an option, and of course it should produce great visual results when computing on the go.

Rumours have it that HP will be expecting to upgrade their Spectre X360 series to 4K OLED within a few months, to replace the current panel shown below, so we'll wait and see whether 4K OLED will suddenly make a splash in the laptop space.

Would you love 4K OLED on your laptop screen?

Samsung producing thin bezel 4K OLED panels for laptops

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