Alan Wake 2

Sam Lake says Alan Wake 2's weirdness was inspired by Everything Everywhere All at Once

The Oscar-winning movie from 2022 allowed Remedy to go all-in on their vision.

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We may never see another game like Alan Wake 2 again. The strength of its vision and willingness to never deviate from it is a rare thing to see in modern gaming, and while Remedy has received boundless praise for this game, according to Sam Lake, there's another creation he'd like to thank.

Speaking to The Washington Post, Lake spoke about how Everything Everywhere All at Once helped Remedy go all-out with Alan Wake 2. "We were already really far into making [Alan Wake 2], but it gave me confidence into understanding that what we're doing here, we are doing these things at the right time," he said.

Lake has a continuous enthusiasm for making games, saying that he's never been bored, not in his whole career. "I love film, music, reading books, and there are thrilling inspirational things happening, but I feel there are bigger leaps happening within games," he said. "With Alan Wake especially, I have discovered that I can tap into these other mediums, and they can be seen as elements inside games, not as a separate medium. All of these mediums can combine to create something new and exciting, something more than the sum of its parts."

Alan Wake 2

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