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Max Payne Remake

Sam Lake comments on whether he'll be voicing Max Payne in the remakes

He also spoke about how big the project is for Remedy.

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Sam Lake might be focused entirely on Alan Wake 2 for now, but Remedy is also working on remakes of Max Payne 1 and 2. He's spoken with VGC about how this is going to be a significant undertaking for the studio.

"It is a significant undertaking in the sense that even if they are old games, just thinking about bringing them up to modern standards and combining them into one, you can see that it's a big, big project," Lake said.

Further on, he was asked whether he'd be reprising his role as Max Payne in the remakes, but Lake refused to confirm or deny that possibility. "No comment," he said. Lake will be voicing a character in Alan Wake 2, so it might be possible for him to dust off his vocal chords for Max Payne.

What do you think? Should Lake reprise his role?

Max Payne Remake

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