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Death Stranding

Sam Lake celebrates his Death Stranding appearance

Remedy Entertainment's Sam Lake appears in Kojima Productions' recently released Death Stranding.

Plenty of celebrities, with and without industry ties, are featured in Kojima Productions' debut game Death Stranding and just recently, Remedy Entertainment's Sam Lake took to Twitter to announce his role as the Veteran Porter in the game. This doesn't come as too much of a surprise, as Kojima and Lake have been seen together plenty in the past year. Kojima even had a small role in Remedy Entertainment's game Control that was released earlier this year, portraying a scientist in the games' times PlayStation 4-exclusive mission.

Sam Lake had the following to say about his role in Death Stranding:

""From one porter to another." I have the utmost honor of lending my likeness to the Veteran Porter in this staggering work of art called #DeathStranding. Thank you

Are you a fan of either of the duo's work?

Death Stranding

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