Saints Row

Saints Row's November update is claimed to be "a beast"

Co-op, challenges, QoL, collectibles, and new features are all planned.

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When Saints Row debuted back in August, the game arrived in a state that was not exactly up to fan expectation. This led developer Volition to announce that it would be releasing a whole list of patches and updates all to bring the game in line with what was promised. We've already had a couple of updates that have done this, and now all eyes are on November and what that patch will bring.

While we don't know what exactly will be fixed and tackled here, the developer has put out a statement where it touches on some of the planned changes, and talked about why it's taking longer than expected to arrive.

The November Update is coming later this month and is currently undergoing testing and certification so that it can be released across all platforms. It's taking time because, as Volition puts it, "it includes over 200 fixes and quality of life updates, so it's a beast!"

As for what it will fix, there will be improvements to cooperative, challenges, and collectibles, as well as quality of life fixes for the combat, the world of Santa Ileso, PS5 Haptic Feedback, and more, all of which will be communicated in extra depth before the patch is released.

It's said to be "a big one!"

Saints Row

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