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Saints Row

Saints Row's developer studio is being shut down

The folks over at Volition won't like being Embraced anymore.

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Volition was one of the many companies on the brink of extinction when THQ Nordic filed for bankruptcy back in 2012, but Koch Media (now known as Plaion) saved them. The developers were then reunited with the Saints Row franchise when Embracer Group acquired Koch five years later. This resulted in last year's Saints Row reboot, a game the Swedish parent company said failed to live up to expectations. Top that with Embracer confirming it was going to shut down many studios after its deal with the Saudi Arabia Public Investment Fund fell through, and it was only a matter of time before tonight's announcement.

The developers at Volition have confirmed that the studio is being shut down by Embracer Group effective immediately. This means the studio ended up becoming 30 years old and that more than 200 developers need to start looking for work tomorrow, so best of luck to you all.

We'll see if this at least get more people to redeem Saints Row as part of September's PlayStation Plus Essential games and with that show Embracer Group whether or not there's still interest for the franchise.

Saints Row

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