Saints Row: The Third

Saints Row: The Third gets updated on Switch

It obviously wasn't quite the full package at launch as the studio has updated the game with a performance-boosting patch.

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Last week Saints Row: The Third landed on Nintendo Switch. The base game was wrapped up along with all subsequent content, and Volition's third mainline entry in the series was thus dubbed The Complete Package.

Since launch, however, it has become clear that all is not well with the Switch-port of the 2011 title, and as we noted in our review, the controls weren't great when playing with the Joy-Cons, and the performance wasn't always as smooth as we'd have liked.

And it seems as though we weren't the only ones who had issues, as you can see a list of bug fixes and improvements below, with the devs admitting that "some of you have experienced some more unusual issues which we need to look at a little more deeply."

This "first" patch landed in the wee small hours of the morning (May 16), so Saints Row players on Switch should be able to update the game right now. Here are the various things the update fixes:

- added low resolution particle rendering and related performance update
- added credits sequence updates to icons & names
- fixed an issue where audio would desync after switching to the main menu and back
- subtitle fixes for female character customization
- fixed user confirmation pop-up to reconnect to Nintendo Switch Online after connection loss
- fixed auto matchmaking for public game play
- fixed DLC Russian & Japanese localization
- crash fix: forced termination may occur after selecting "End game" on the pose screen
- general iterative bugfixes and performance optimizations
- infinite loading screen fixed
- fixed International & Japanese subtitles and lip sync

Saints Row: The Third

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