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Saints Row

Saints Row and Red Faction aren't dead, despite Volition closure

The IPs will not be left behind even after their developer shuts down.

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Last week we reported that Volition, the long-time developer of Saints Row and Red Faction, was being closed down by Embracer. A 30-year-old developer has said its last goodbyes, which is sad enough by itself, but fans were also worried what would happen with their IPs.

Now, in a new tweet from Deep Silver, we can confirm that neither Saints Row nor Red Faction will be disappearing forever. According to the post, those IPs will continue to live on at PLAION. We can't imagine we'll hear anything about either of them anytime soon, but at least we know they're not gone for good.

The most recent Saints Row game received a lukewarm reception at best, but perhaps in future we can return to what made the series shine.

Saints Row

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