Tekken 7

Saint wins the King of Iron Fist Tournament global final

This weekend saw the intense finals take place.

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This past weekend the King of Iron Fist Tournament global final took place in Japan, seeing top Tekken 7: Fated Retribution players from all over the world compete for the title, which eventually went to Choi "Saint" Jinwoo from South Korea.

Saint became the second player in history to win both the Evo and King of Iron Fist tournament in the same year, the other player being Daichi "Nobi" Nakayama last year, a fighter who Saint actually lost to in the top 16 this year.

Saint beat fellow South Korean Chanel in the final, winning the final set 3-2 in a moment you can watch right here. Were you watching the action unfold?

Tekken 7
Saint had won Evo this year too, so was on a high coming into this tournament. // Photo: Stephanie Lindgren

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