Sage The InFizz Fusion

Sage does it again, introducing functionality and tactile design.

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In Denmark and elsewhere, we often understand consumer-facing carbonation machines as... well, like "Sodastream", that's how heavily they've established themselves in the market, even though they neither have a patent on the concept itself, nor are they the only player in the market. It's not a "carbonator", it's a "Sodastream", it's not a "tablet", it's an "iPad".

But that's actually quite wrong, because while a Sodastream's main selling point is the rather low price you'll find in the shops, for a little more you can get something that does a lot more. Not only does Sage make fabulous coffee machines, they're now in direct competition with Sodastream with their "The InFizz Fusion".

Sage The InFizz Fusion
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Okay, let's address the elephant in the room; the InFizz Fusion is a whole lot more expensive. It will set you back something in the region of £180, but for that you get something that simply offers more functionality, but combines it with Sage's tried and tested design and construction flair. Simply put, it's better made and it looks nicer.

The entire product is made of stainless steel and simple little mechanisms make it more tactile to perform the one action InFizz Fusion is designed to perform. Sage are masters at this, and it shows again, loud and clear. Securing the FusionCap lid, lifting out the lock and fitting the bottle all feel tactile, responsive and hugely satisfying.

Okay, so what about functionality? What Sage boasts in general is that because the InFizz Fusion can both deliver more carbonation faster, and because the aforementioned FusionCap can regulate the pressure inside the bottle, it's possible to "fizz" a wide variety of things, not just make pseudo-soda or sparkling water. During the test period we tried juice, tea, wine, you name it. And it works.

Sage The InFizz Fusion
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There is virtually no cleaning, and although other reviewers do not recommend throwing the bottle in the dishwasher, we have used it once and have not experienced any problems. However, you should of course be aware that what you brew in the bottle can give off flavours or odours, so coffee may not be ideal - you'll never get that smell out of there again.

If you're looking for a point of criticism, because this is after all a pretty feature-orientated product that does one thing and does it pretty well, I find it slightly insulting that Sage has not included a C02 bottle. At that price, everything should be in place when you get home with the InFizz Fusion, and not only that; because Sage doesn't make their own yet (at least not here), I had to buy a Sodastream bottle (which fits, however, as do all 60L with a regular screw.) It doesn't seem to be particularly effective.

But other than that? Fusion beats a Sodastream in every way, and if you brew often enough, the functionality is really worth it.

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