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Safari will now block third-party cookies by default

Apple has made some strides in order to make the big bad internet a bit safer by having browser Safari block third-party cookies by default.

If you haven't updated your iOS/macOS recently, you really should. Apple has decided to be an early bird regarding internet security and now, Safari blocks every third-party cookie out there.

While other browsers do block some third-party cookies, and maybe the somewhat shady Tor browser technically did it first, Safari will be the first mainstream and fully consumer-oriented browser to check this off the big security check list.

This will make it very difficult to track users, especially across multiple web sites, but also block attacks and aggressive advertisement. It will also limit how much space scripts from a website can take up, and even for how long they can be stored. It also includes countermeasures to tracking avoidance tracking measures - this truly has become a war over user data.

Chrome is aiming at the same, although their plans won't roll out until 2022. Apple's WebKit team has stated it will work with the WWW consortium to offer advice and support to other developers who also want to avoid websites snooping around.

Safari will now block third-party cookies by default

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