Saborus, the survival horror game about surviving as a chicken in a slaughterhouse, releases demo

I'm not sure if I'll ever eat nuggets again in the future.

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In indie development lies the real breakthrough in the video games of the future. These small projects are the ones that dare to innovate the most in terms of narrative and new game mechanics, and they also tend to leave us with the most refreshing surprises. Now that we are in June and on the threshold of the event season with the biggest announcements, it is also a good time to try out some fun demos of more modest games, as is the case of Saborus.

Saborus is being developed by Jean Lima's one-man Brazilian studio, High Room, and features the harrowing escape of a chicken named Gisele from an animal slaughterhouse. The title wants you to really feel the stress of the animal as she is in captivity and faces her final fate to become chicken wings.

The Saborus demo will be available for two days on Steam for the OTK Games Expo event, and the full game is scheduled to arrive simultaneously on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox Series, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch in the near future.

Are you going to get a taste of Saborus' terror, or are you chicken?


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