Ryzom gets a road map

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Even though I only started to play around with Ryzom a few weeks ago (you can read my first impressions of the game here on GRI), I am glad to see that the new owners have decided to post an update to what is going on behind the facade. They have a lot of work ahead of them, including getting the game profitable somehow (something that has proved so hard the game was actually cancelled at one time) and getting the new devs used to the code (which must be a nightmare).

If you are interested in getting involved and have some coding skills, do check out the newly opened NeL Development Site, where you can fiddle around with the Open Source engine that Ryzom runs. And if you just want to give it a go, the game will be free to play through all of October, perhaps even longer than that. I recommend you do!

But it feels good to see that things are happening and that there actually is a plan for the future, that the game is not just up and running and will be stuck in stasis until its servers are shut down again. So good luck to the devs and good luck to Ryzom in general - the world needs a different kind of MMO on the market!

And no, I haven't had time to play it recently. After all, there's a war going on.


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