Rust might be coming to consoles soon

The game has been rated, meaning we might not have to wait too long.

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Back in December, we were informed that the console edition for the survival simulator Rust unfortunately was pushed to 2021, with no new official launch date revealed. Fans have been waiting for the further news, and now it's about time.

Rust console edition now has been rated by the ESRB. From the rating site, we can see the game has been classified as M (Mature), since it contains some blood and violence related content, it should be no surprise:

"This is a multiplayer first-person survival game in which players compete to survive in a hostile environment. Players explore the open-world environment, gather resources, create weapons (e.g., spears, machine guns, explosives), and defend themselves from wild animals and other players," description reads.

"Players can attack and kill enemies in frantic combat, with successful hits resulting in large splashes of blood. Players can keep shooting animals or humans on the ground (i.e., post-mortem damage), accompanied by large blood-splatter effects. Battles are highlighted by realistic gunfire and explosions. When human enemies are killed, they can be harvested for body parts and cooked for food."

There's still no official announcement so far, but with the ESRB rating emerging, we shouldn't need to wait for too long.


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