Rust has passed the 12 million copies sold milestone

Facepunch has even banned over 600,000 accounts.

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As part of its 2021 round-up post, Facepunch Studios has shared a bunch of statistics and numbers relating to Rust. In the post, it was revealed that the game has now passed the 12 million copies sold milestone, with 1.1 million combined DLC packs to boot.

But more than that, the round-up stats also share that in 2021, the game peaked with 267,211 concurrent players in-game at once, and that as part of its efforts to combat cheaters, Facepunch has banned over 600,000 accounts over Rust's lifetime.

Some statistics regarding Rust's Twitch impact were also revealed, with the information stating that the game has been watched for over 300 million hours for a total number of views that surpassed the 1.3 billion milestone.

The developer used the round-up post to give a small teaser into what 2022 will be bringing as well, noting that there will be the "guaranteed monthly updates every first Thursday of the month", as well as "occasional hotfixes and holiday events." On top of this, we can also look forward to a new arctic monument coming in the "near future" as well as new weapons, deployables, vehicles, animals, events, and more throughout the year.


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